The Budapest based techno duo, SveTec and Nils, has taken a long journey until their current alias as Steam Shape. Both of them coming from a musical background, they turned from the piano to the decks quite early in 2003. Their obsession to the electronic music scene was increasing from the first time as they experienced its true spirit. They started their joint venture in the year 2005, when they decided to launch an event series, which would give them the possibility to express their musical vision on a regular basis.

During the years their passion and talent emerged into one cohesive musical project in which they could play together several times.In 2007 they decided to experience different musical pathways. In this important term both of them gained success of their own goals as they played in the most important and determining venues in Hungary and abroad as well. Their contribution to the local scene was always remarkable, which was an important part in order to rebuild its strong basis. Although their sound has continuously evolved during their career, they always remained true to their roots. As a result, they found the year 2012 a perfect timing to reunion and set in a long lasting new venture, where they can apply all of their practical experiences that shaped them.

Through some productive studio sessions, in 2014 they prepared their new sounding tracks, which have received promising feedbacks from all across the scene. In the same year they released their first EP, called ‘Boundless’ on Driving Forces Recordings.

After the early success of their material, they have signed to Markantonio’s Analytictrail and Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq for several releases. ’Moving Forward’ and ’Paralell’ on Analytic trail as well as the ’Leave It Behind’ and ’Eris’ EP on Phobiq gained a great support in the scene.

In 2017, they have set up their own imprint, called Metaphase, which was the main-base for their own musical vision. Besides the nine solo EP releases, they have had some influential artists and friends on the label as remixers. In the very same year, they have released the ’Lunar Rocks’ EP on Footwork and they joint venture with Jay Lumen held its place in the Top 20 charts for a determinative time.

Following the remix for Spektre’s label, Respekt, their debut Fossil EP landed at the end of 2017. The second solo on the imprint is coming later in 2019 after another remix at the beginning of the year.

Besides the releases and the strong roots in their home-scene, they have started to discover and tour Europe’s finest clubs and festivals.In their DJ sets they are aiming extraordinary performance in order to provide their unique dynamics and powerful sounding.